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We Help You Master Your Financial Universe

You are not alone in this. We help you imagine what your future will look like, one that will bring you joy and purpose. Then we help you figure out how much that future might cost, and whether you will have enough to afford it, in good times and in bad. We examine whether you will survive the various risks in life such as living too long, dying too soon, or getting sick along the way. We come up with recommendations to help you achieve your goals. We test your strategy under various conditions such as changes in markets, interest rates, or inflation. Then we help you implement your strategy, for, without implementation, all else is a waste of time.

Our Mission + Vision

Keystone Asset Management Strategies is a wealth adviser for a select group of successful people who are approaching financial independence. We create and implement financial strategies to help our clients achieve and maintain their financial independence, regardless of the risks that may befall them.

We envision our clients living their lives without worry over money, regardless of what obstacles they may face, with the ability to leave their wealth behind in the manner they choose to family, friends, and good works.

KeyAMS Investment Philosophy

At KeyAMS, we believe investments are tools to help you reach your goals. Rather than look at your investments as one lump sum, we help you separate your investments by goals, with some being a long way off, and others nearby. By differentiating your investments into these different segments, we set up different portfolios with different levels of risk, all governed by your overall willingness to take risk.

We spend a lot of time taking your temperature as to what constitutes too much volatility. In addressing your overall portfolio, we want you to take on as much risk as you can, given that we want you to sleep soundly at night. This varies for every person, no two investors are alike, but we are here to help you achieve the overall results that you desire.