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Key Employee Planning

Whether you are a business owner or the head of a not-for-profit, we can help you with financial techniques to recruit, retain, and reward employees.

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Looking for a unique way to recruit and retain key employees such as executives, doctors, and salespeople? We provide a proven strategy to provide selected staff with:

  • More Tax-Free Retirement Income;

  • More Death Benefits;

  • More Tax-Free Payments for chronic, critical, or terminal illnesses;--

Without Costing you, the Employer, Any Money, while giving them the incentive to stay with your organization for years.

This strategy will:

  • Reduce your payroll-related expenses.

  • Provide no liability exposure to you

  • Not add to your administrative expense or burden

  • Increase the net worth on your balance sheet


  • Useful for nonprofit organizations such as hospitals, foundations, and universities.

  • A powerful tool for C-Corporations.

  • Recruit and retain selected professionals and executives

  • New contract negotiations – Use this strategy instead of pay increases

  • Use this strategy instead of bonuses

  • Acquisition of other companies

  • Replace existing deferred compensation plans

  • Improve your balance sheet for future sale