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Why Work With Us

We work with people on an investment advisory basis, on wealth management or financial planning basis, or both. As a result of our opening discussion, we can determine the best way we can work together.

Working with Couples and Partners

Outside of infidelity, money is the leading cause of divorce. We help couples and business partners find common ground for having discussions about money.

  • Help couples and families discuss money.
  • Make sure you are compensated for your investment risk.
  • Get you thinking about what comes next.
  • Fix coordination gaps.
  • Collaborate with your other advisors


We help you solve your challenges by combining multiple disciplines, like tax analysis, portfolio management, financial risk avoidance, employee retention, business transfer, and family wealth transfer. 

  • College funding strategies — how to position money so you and your children do not lose out on financial opportunities.
  • Social Security strategies — the best time to take social security for you, which might be different from your friends.
  • Financial Independence strategies — what do you have to do now to live a long life without fear of outliving your money.

Who Works With Us?

We work with people who need our help.

  • Individuals who are looking to see how to make their money last for the rest of their lives.
  • Families who must work together to save and invest money, as well as take care of one another in case of the unexpected.
  • Not-for-profit organizations — looking for inexpensive ways to attract and retain key people, so the organization can focus its attention on doing good works rather than competing for scarce talent.
  • Business owners looking to receive the most money they can for the business they dedicated their lives building.

We Help You Master Your Financial Universe

You are not alone in this. We help you imagine what your future will look like, one that will bring you joy and purpose. Then we help you figure out how much that future might cost, and whether you will have enough to afford it, in good times and in bad. We examine whether you will survive the various risks in life such as living too long, dying too soon, or getting sick along the way. We come up with recommendations to help you achieve your goals. We test your strategy under various conditions such as changes in markets, interest rates, or inflation. Then we help you implement your strategy, for, without implementation, all else is a waste of time.

We enable people, through the KeyAMS Strategic Wealth Process, to reduce stress, achieve harmony, and gain greater joy from working together toward shared goals. We help them engage in a discussion called “The Second Conversation,” the deep dive into issues often left unsaid. This enables them to then use the tools we provide to balance the tradeoffs necessary to achieve their goals.