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What We Do

We Help You Master Your Financial Universe

We have spent years learning about and working in the fields of personal and business finance. We strive to help you feel confident about your future and about what you are doing today.

Investment Management

In today’s economic environment, obtaining investment information is easy; actually, applying this information to investments that are suitable for you is much more difficult.

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Financial Independence Planning

Financial independence is that point in time where you have accumulated enough resources to maintain your lifestyle as you define it, for the rest of your life.

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Key Employee Planning

KeyAMS helps nonprofit organizations -- such as hospitals, universities, foundations, and charities -- recruit and retain top people, using a strategy that not only rewards key people but keep them in place, without it adding costs to your bottom line.

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Business Succession Planning

If you are a business owner, we help you with financial techniques to recruit, retain, and reward employees.

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Estate Planning and Management

There are 5 components to effective estate planning: distribution, administration, management, income, and taxes.

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Risk Management

We help you protect against life’s many uncertainties.

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