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Life Insurance

Between now and the time you die, all sorts of bad things can happen, like suffering a heart attack, cancer, or stroke. The financial consequence to you and your family from one of these events can be costly. Trying to insure against each and every thing that could befall you would use up all your money. So, what's the solution?

At KeyAMS, we specialize in the growing field of Living Benefits. Here's how they work. You buy a life insurance policy that you would need anyway. But, the life insurance you buy allows you to claim some or all of the death benefit at the time of a triggering event. These events fall under the broader categories of chronic illnesses, critical illnesses, and terminal illnesses. If you know, without a doubt, that you are going to suffer a heart attack or need long term care, then buy as much insurance as you can for that specific event. But, if you have no clue what will happen to you as you progress through your years, life insurance with living benefits makes the most sense, because they can deliver money to you from a wide range of triggering events and, if you go through life without ever triggering one of these, you have not wasted a dime, as the death benefit will await you at the end.

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