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What We Believe.

Vission + Mission

Vission + Mission

We see a world in which you go on vacations, buy new cars, send your kids (or grandkids) to college, with the confidence that your spending will not put your financial independence at risk.

We want you to leave money to make your family and community better - whatever you wish to do. But we will help you make sure that whatever you do, you do it consciously and according to your wishes.



Every person should live in dignity, no matter what their level of income.

Every person can enjoy a dignified retirement. What is missing is the knowledge to do so.

We are all made better, when every member of our society can live in dignity.

People will live better when they can produce their own happiness. What is lacking is the knowledge to do so.

All Americans have the right to an equal access to opportunity. Some, through incredible luck or talent, will soar above the rest. But all people should be able to achieve a lifestyle that protects their health and security, and gives them the opportunity to raise healthy families.

KeyAMS Investment Philosophy

At KeyAMS, we believe investments are tools to help you reach your goals.

We help you separate your investments by goals, with some being a long way off, and others nearby. By dividing your investments into segments, we can set up different portfolios with different levels of risk.

We want you to take on as much investment risk as you can, given your need to sleep soundly at night. The exact allocation will vary from person to person, as no two investors are alike. Moreover, we take your risk temperature often, as you will change as you progress through life.

We also believe in continuous communication. You can see your investments 24/7. We offer comprehensive, one-to-one reviews of your investments and on the financial and geopolitical factors that influence investment volatility and performance. We send you market updates, videos, and other information so that you can continually grow in your investment knowledge.

Strategic Planning Philosophy

"Strategy is not a lengthy written plan, but rather, it is the evolution of a central idea to continuously changing circumstances." -- Helmuth Von Moltke

We enable people, through the KeyAMS Strategic Wealth Process, to reduce stress, achieve harmony, and gain greater joy from working together toward shared goals. We help them engage in a discussion called “The Second Conversation,” the deep dive into issues often left unsaid. This enables them to then use the tools we provide to balance the tradeoffs necessary to achieve their goals.