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The KeyAMS Strategic Wealth Process enables you to reduce stress and find greater joy by aligning your goals with your values. We help you take the deep dive into your hopes and fears in what we call “The Second Conversation,” exploring your values and those issues often left unsaid. We help you analyze your financial life, craft an action plan to help you take the steps toward achieving your goals, and we track your progress along the way. This enables you to use the tools we provide to balance the tradeoffs necessary to achieve your goals.

What We Do

We enable you to talk about your wishes and dreams, then help you figure out which of these you can achieve and create a strategy on how you can achieve these goals. We work with you and your other advisers, such as attorneys, brokers, and accountants, to implement these recommendations.

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Who We Are

Keystone Asset Management Strategies, KeyAMS, is a wealth adviser for successful entrepreneurs and professionals who seek financial independence, a point in their lives when work becomes an option, and the legacy they leave becomes increasingly part of their discussions and dreams.

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Why Work With Us

We help people figure out if they’re going to make it, how they’re going to make it – and what “making it” even means. We get them to discuss their dreams of “living in retirement,” take a stab at converting these dreams into goals, draw the roadmap for achieving these goals, and identifying the tradeoffs necessary along the way.

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The Long Green Tunnel

The Glorious Quest

The Long Green Tunnel tells the tale of two young men who take off on a rugged journey, but soon discover the real challenge is finding a way to share their values and work toward their common goals. This book shows the importance of holding "The Second Conversation," the deep dive into issues often left unsaid.

This book -- filled with humor, adventure, disappointment, and joy -- proves once again how a good dog can go a long way toward healing wounds and worries.

 The Glorious Quest continues the adventure by exploring the ancient adage, "If I am not for myself, who will be; If I am only for myself, what am I; If not now, when?"

Follow the story to see whether this solitary man can find the courage to set his own course through life.

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